Truer. Better. Deeper.


Why do we need to listen more?

Judge Less

By moving past stereotypes and snap judgements, we can build kinder communities.

Think Deeper

Learning about each other lets us grow and strengthen our shared knowledge of the world.

Stay Human

Humanizing others creates new possibilities for compassion, empathy, and collaboration.

Truly Connect

Listening gives us the chance both to hear and be heard, to understand and be understood.

Our path toward a shared future starts by taking the Pledge To Listen

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”I pledge to listen to others who hold different opinions, views or beliefs. I will try to understand their reasons and their perspectives and will respectfully express my own in return.”

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    What happens after pledging?

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    Listening Guidebook

    We drew from our team’s research and international conflict mediation experience to articulate key strategies, tips, and techniques for productive dialogue.

    If you’re eager to build a peaceful future for us all, get started with our Listening Guidebook.