Our Mission

Millions of Conversations brings Americans together by promoting positivity and inclusion to transcend critical divides. Millions combats disinformation, harmful stereotypes and bigotry on and offline.

We challenge narratives that stigmatize our fellow citizens; disrupt intolerance before it takes root; and foster a public space where all Americans experience a productive sense of belonging.

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Our Values

Millions of Conversations believes in fostering an environment that promotes human dignity. We are designed for people to come together and build community. It is through creating the space to live as a peaceful society in the 21st Century that we will be a healthier and stronger America.

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Theory of Change

Millions of Conversations models its work on seven steps to sustainable peace that counter the cycle of hate. This journey begins with listening, which allows us to humanize and empathize with one another.

Through these first three steps, we identify the common values that ground us in a commitment to a shared future which prioritizes truth and reconciliation as the tools for building sustainable peace.

The Five Lanes
of Our Work

Ecosystem Development

This involves creating a space for organizations, individuals, and institutions to come together to share ideas, research, and new initiatives for working toward a peaceful future.


Millions engages with media outlets and creates social content that counters negative messaging and disrupts the cycle of labeling the “other” that leads to fear, hate and violence.


Research is a guiding force for Millions of Conversations. Qualitative and quantitative research informs our strategy, media content and placement, and overall messaging.


Millions runs digital and in-person programming to model its work and provide Americans with a network of community support. We engage energetic voices at the local and national level.

Crisis Communication

Engaging cyber security experts and researchers on political violence and polarization, Millions releases guidelines for strategic engagement that assist leaders on local and national levels.

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