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I pledge to listen to you. Will you listen to me?

I pledge to listen to others who hold different opinions, views or beliefs. I will try to understand their reasons and their perspectives and will respectfully express my own in return.

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Millions of Conversations

Bringing Americans Together

Millions of Conversations transcends divides by uniting Americans around common values for a shared future.

Millions of Conversations

Seven Steps to Sustainable Peace

1. Before we can do anything, we need to listen to one another. We do not need to come to an agreement. However, when we push ourselves to really hear each other, we are able to create space to see one another as human beings.

2. When we humanize each other, we are able to tackle hatred and bigotry head on. The power of being human transcends the forces of division we face each day.

3. We recognize that our experiences are not everyone’s experiences. In sharing our stories and listening to one another as humans, we build deep empathy. We work for empathy that fosters a sense of belonging and helps us welcome one another into our lives.

4. When we hear one another’s stories, we also open the possibility to explore common values. What do family, freedom, hard work, community, and honesty mean to you? Finding common values guides how we think about a shared future.

5. We must commit to a shared future, together. Signing onto this new possibility gives each of us a stake in the game.

6. Before we can actualize that future, we must recognize what keeps us from achieving that new reality. We must think truthfully about the harms that have been committed in our country throughout history, and we must forge a path of reconciliation. Truth and reconciliation will help us build sustainable peace.

7. Sustainable peace is our goal. When we work for justice and engage in the other six steps I have outlined above, we will be ready to commit to a country that works for everyone.

What We Do

Millions of Conversations is a media driven campaign designed to change existing narratives that marginalize and politicize “the other.” Starting with the predominating narrative about Muslim-Americans, our focus is on eliminating stigma in all its forms.

How We Do It

By transcending divides, we disrupt cycles of hate, combat misinformation, and challenge harmful stereotypes. We engage energetic voices at the grassroots level to reach people across America.


We recently completed a research phase that identified strategies and themes that challenge anti-Muslim stereotypes and focus on commonly shared human values. Our research also confirmed the uncomfortable truth that Anti-Muslim messaging has become so commonplace that it now serves as a political strategy for garnering votes. Within the coming weeks ahead, we look forward to sharing our research with you online through a microsite that is currently being developed.

Why We Do It

The Millions of Conversations movement believes in fostering an environment that promotes human dignity. We are designed for people to come together and build community. It is through creating the space to live as a peaceful society in the 21st Century that we will be a healthier and stronger America.

Donation Philosophy

Millions of Conversations believes in the power of grassroots movements. Our ambition is to eventually be fully sustainable by online individual donations. We have been fortunate enough to date to receive our seed funding from Americans with diverse backgrounds- politically, ethnically, religiously, and geographically. As Millions of Conversations is an American-based campaign, our funding is restricted to US-based donors.

We are a 501c3 and every dollar matters.
Help us promote human dignity and build an America together that eliminates stigma in all its forms.


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