The Power of Gathering

The work of Millions of Conversations is empowering work, it is healing work, and it is of the utmost importance. Our time together requires that we all own the best of our dreams and the best of our capabilities to not allow despair and disenchantment to flourish.

Today we face the most dramatic biological crisis known to our species, the Covid-19 pandemic, and a show of disdain for Black and Brown people’s lives. These phenomena brought violence, followed by an unstoppable social uprising that has not left any corner of our society untouched. As the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racism ravage our population, our souls make us cognizant of the depth of our collective destiny and of the threads of invisible lines that bond us simply – as humans.

COVID-19 revealed an ironic truth: that the mirror reflection of the other masked figure who keeps an acceptable distance from you might be me. That in distance, we are each other. This reality makes the poignant beauty of the possibilities of dreaming a more uplifting path toward one another all that more tangible. In distance, we find closeness. 

It is difficult to imagine this inevitability and to keep hope that we will come together. I know you may ask in disbelief, “How do we get there?” We are at the cliff. The edge.

I answer as an artist. We will get there with the Power of Gathering. We will embrace opportunity to bring good people together in conversation. We will get there by sharing experiences and comparing notes on the different way’s our lives unfold every day in our homes, cities, country and the world, by catalyzing a  wave of viral love that will contaminate us all. We gather honesty and simplicity to open the doors of a new knowledge – where we accept, embrace, and share with one another.

Millions of Conversations is paving a path toward reconciliation and love, indicating with clarity that our future depends on our actions today. It is only when we speak truth, listen to each other and care that we will move forward with results that reaffirm the aspirations of many.

EADJ is proud to have Millions of Conversations as partner in this most important journey of restorative and redemptive Art, Democracy and Justice.

Love, gratitude, solidarity,
María Magdalena Campos-Pons

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