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Listening Practice: A #PTL Guidebook

Dear Friends,

We’ve reached a critical and corrosive moment of seeing one another base on party affiliation, based on stereotype and datapoint, based on assumption and conjecture. Despite our striving for something better, we find ourselves dangerously polarized and divided. The good news is we don’t have to stay here. In fact, we’re already moving.

As we make our way out of this turbulent election season, it’s time to look with conviction toward a shared future. One where we respect everyone’s right to process the world in their own way, and where we make space to understand the very things that make us human: our dreams, our beliefs, even our fears.

If you are one of the countless Americans who want to move together, past polarization, beyond the divisive headlines, and demand nuance, compassion, and our undeniable humanity—please, join us in our #PledgeToListen. We spent months curating a Listening Guidebook to provide each of our neighbors with the tools to deeply listen for better understanding in 2021. In partnership with creative brand strategists led by Marissa Shrum of Remember, I Love You and brand designers led by Kapono Chung of COMBO Office Inc., Millions of Conversations drew from our team’s research and international conflict mediation experience to articulate key strategies, tips, and techniques for productive dialogue.

This Listening Guidebook serves a free and accessible toolkit for the public, organizations, and leaders to implement effective communication strategies into daily practice. Complete with workbook activities and concise guidelines, this guide is ideal for team-building, conflict resolution, and dialogical workshops, trainings, and events. We are organizing a 2021 Conversationalist Series that will accompany this project, exemplifying the practical use of our Listening Guide in action. Each month, we invite you to attend our online conversations as we bring ourselves one step closer to sustainable peace.

Samar Ali
Founding President & CEO, Millions of Conversations

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