Happy Thanksgiving! | November 2019

This Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on how far this campaign has come over the past year. Last November, we were turning the issues we had identified during our focus groups into an actionable campaign. Throughout this period, we began reaching out and connecting with all of you; our supporters and organizers. And because of you, we’re evolving and growing. Our mission to change toxic narratives and bridge divides is gaining momentum!

I am thankful for every minute of your time, every cent of your generosity, and each positive word that you have given to Millions of Conversations. These words especially matter because we believe power is in our shared stories and collective experiences. I am hoping all of us will give thanks to the power of conversation. Now is a time to speak and work toward mutual understanding.

This Thursday, I ask all of us to approach difficult discussions around the dinner table with generosity and in the spirit of listening and learning. Let us do it respectfully, asking questions so as to better understand our neighbors and our families. Together, we will remember the mission of this campaign: to bridge divides and disrupt cycles of fear through conversation and connection.

Giving thanks doesn’t need to happen only once a year but I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know how immensely grateful I am for all of your support and for everything we will do because of it. I see this season as an opportunity for us to grow and test our mission. I invite you to be a part of it, and I thank you for your continued support.

Samar Ali

What We’ve Been Up To

New Year, New Site

A snapshot of the new website homepage. Check it out!

We’re overhauling our website to better suit the needs of the organization. Events, Meet the Team, and a Media page with resources to help with those necessary conversations are now a few clicks away. Over the coming months, expect more capabilities, interactive videos and events to share and attend in your communities!

Screening of “Free Trip to Egypt”

Over two hundred people from the Nashville community came together at the Belcourt Theatre to watch Free Trip to Egypt, hear from the creator, Tarek, and participate in a panel discussion with community organizers and leaders.

Tarek made an excellent point that we don’t have to change people’s mind, but we should start to accept one another to strengthen our community together. We’re working with Tarek to bring this programming to more counties in America!

For the Civic Leader in You

Report and accompanying podcast, Overcoming Extremism, is a combination of a resource manual and a guidebook for the work of confronting extremism today.

If you’re a civic leader or wanting a resource to help your community, we highly recommend reading through this in-depth report that addresses multiple schools of thought and differing viewpoints with the same goal; ending extremism. Millions of Conversations is a part of the alliance of organizations that contributed to the report and podcast.

Communities Overcoming Extremism: The After Charlottesville Project was founded by former Charlottesville Mayor, Michael Signer. You can learn more here.

What Our Ambassadors Are Up To

For Your Listening Pleasure

Comedian, actor, and disabilities activist, Maysoon Zayid, released her audiobook, Find Another Dream!

Maysoon has been an ambassador for several years now and we’re proud to support her efforts. You go Maysoon! You can buy Find Another Dream at audible.com.

Behind the scenes with Maysoon Zayid

Why Your Support Matters

Millions of Conversations believes that each one of us wants to live in an environment where we feel respected and safe.

When someone in our community is stigmatized on the basis of her or his religion, race or some other characteristic, we are all threatened. We find ourselves wondering, “Who’s next?” The process of “otherization” doesn’t stop at one target. We see examples of this by the connections between people that display anti-Muslim, anti-Semitism and anti- several other groups.

But as each of us are seeing almost on a daily basis, it can be quite hard to build an environment of genuine respect and safety.

It requires work. Stereotypes have to be challenged; misunderstandings have to be rectified; equanimity has to be nurtured; respect has to be seen, heard, and valued; positive messages must replace messages of suspicion and fear. We’re dedicated to the mission of inclusivity, belonging, peace, and recognition. 

We could use your support. We’re on the ground now; connecting with people, listening to their stories and looking for bridges. If you would like to help build an environment of genuine mutual respect and safety, we appreciate your support. You can help by donating to Millions of Conversations. Our ambition is to work in, and be sustained by, the communities of our modern day society. 

As Millions of Conversations is an American-based campaign, our funding is restricted to US residents and donors. Thank you!


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