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Ambassador Azita Ghanizada TedxNashville Women

Samar Ali’s speech at TedxNashville Women

Ambassador Maysoon Zayid’s book launch

Communities Overcoming Extremism: The After Charlottesville Project” Final Report

Millions of Conversations joined other grassroots organizations and the former mayor of Charlottesville, Mike Signer, to produce a comprehensive report on political extremism in America. Samar Ali also joined the discussion in a podcast series, outlining her connection to the campaign and its efforts.

Free Trip to Egypt Film Screening

Millions of Conversations collaborated with Narrative 4, the American Muslim Advisory Council, Murfreesboro Muslim Youth, and others to host a screening of the film, Free Trip to Egypt, at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre. Tarek Mounib, the film’s creator, came to Nashville to help host the event. Over 200 participants watched and joined the conversation with Tarek and other Nashville-area representatives to identify root causes of Islamophobia and misunderstanding in America today.

Samar Ali’s speech at Elon University’s First-Year Forum on global citizenship and innovation

Samar Ali Ali addressed Elon’s first-year class, discussing her role as a global citizen and understanding her identity in America today. She also visited a professor’s specialty seminar on the events of 9/11 and explained its impact on American Muslim communities.

Targeted Violence in America: Learning Overseas, Acting at Home

Samar Ali Ali represented Millions of Conversations at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace at a workshop on political violence. Samar Ali collaborated with other leaders in the field, discussing political violence at home and abroad. The event concluded with a keynote speech in which Samar Ali shared her own personal story.