Authenticity As A Catalyst For Change | December 2019


Dear Friends,

As we close out the year and decade, we take time to reflect on our changes, our opportunities for 2020 and how we will evolve with our community beyond where we’ve been. Recently, we participated in a panel as a part of the American Muslim Advisory Council’s “Catalyst for Change Women’s Conference” and wanted to share some highlights from this meaningful conversation.

Joined by Charlane Oliver (Co-Founder, The Equity Alliance) and Patricia Shea (CEO, Givful), we discussed what it takes to become a catalyst for change and how we can improve the community we live in by bringing Americans closer together in authentic ways. Our hope is that Millions of Conversations will become one of your many communities as this campaign is designed to be interactive and to identify actionable goals that bring us all together. 

Happy Holidays,
Samar Ali
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Conversations in Action:
December Ambassador Highlights

“Living better together, the African way.”

Mungi Ngomane joined Millions in 2017 as a team member, helping build the campaign into what it is today. Since then, she has become a valued alumna, and we are excited to announce her new book, Everyday Ubuntu: Living better together, the African way. Ubuntu is a Xhosa word that encapsulates a South African philosophy aiming to live life well, together. It is the belief in a universal human bond: I am only because you are. If we see everyone as fully human, connected to us by their humanity, then we will never treat others as disposable or without worth.

You can purchase Everyday Ubuntu on Amazon or wherever books are sold.  

“As Hate Attacks Rise, Philanthropy Can Take Steps to Curb Them”

Written for The Chronicle of Philanthropy, our partners at the Democracy Fund, Tom Glaisyer and Nadia Firozvi, outline how philanthropy actively combats hate: through both the actions of supporters and the organizations themselves. You can read their opinion piece here

A Beautiful Aspect of Humanity

After enjoying a successful film screening in Nashville of Free Trip To Egypt and an insightful Q & A with director, Tarek Mounib, Millions is happy to continue this partnership in 2020. We’ll be announcing dates and cities early in the new year!

Looking Forward

A 2020 Vision

We look forward to 2020 as the start of a new decade in which to build our momentum and continue to affect positive change in our communities. We are in the process of creating a new campaign video series focusing on “Belonging in America Today” that will be released in January 2020. We will also continue our effort to focus on authentic narratives that disuprt cycles of fear and counter demonizing messages designed to fuel animosity, anger, and hate.  

You remain a crucial part of our 2020 vision. Your support allows us to continue our work and ensures there is strong investment in launching a national campaign. We look forward to moving forward, bringing Americans together, in this coming year. Thank you and we will see you in the new decade!


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