A National Grassroots Movement


America is more than 50 states. We are 3,142 counties

3142 is designed to facilitate dialogue around unifying principles of American democracy while restoring agency to Americans who feel disconnected from public life. 3142 promotes civil dialogue and productive engagement on local issues, providing tools and strategic guidelines for addressing local issues.

Solving problems with intersectional solutions

Our work is research informed

Reaching further into communities

We help counties form local task forces to collectively solve the issues they identify within their communities.

Ecosystem mapping

Our Research Team maps the connections between all community stakeholders and organizations as it relates to the county-specific need.

Focusing on cooperation

Our Listening Facilitation Training provides empowers the local team to effectively engage their community members.

Values that guide 3142


We acknowledge the humanity and dignity of all people and groups, no exceptions; all religions recognize this value, as does the US constitutional requirement for the equal protection of law to all.


We recognize that every person, every community has a stake in her, his or their future.


We enhance the capacity of individuals and communities to cope with challenges and to engage in matters and issues that are important to them.

Why Millions of Conversations?

Our team includes a breadth of experts in conflict mediation, depolarization, grassroots organizing, public health, technology, media, communications, cyber security, research, and more.

Invest in Community Building

3142 is built with sustainability at its core. The foundation in which the program is built can be scaled and implemented across a community of any size while allowing customization to fit specific needs.