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In 2018, Millions of Conversations (Millions) partnered with M&C Saatchi World Services to conduct qualitative and quantitative research about the most effective ways to reverse these polarizing trends with a particular focus on why a majority of Americans hold anti-Muslim bias.

The study, “Just Like Us,” draws on evidence from focus groups in five states – California, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, and Texas. This research identified six of the dominant anti-Muslim narratives in today’s culture. A recurring theme was a belief that Muslims are “different from us” and “trying to destroy our way of life.” Structural anti-Muslim bias - found in our legal, cultural, and political institutions - reinforce these dangerous messages. Popular culture also conveys anti-Muslim messaging. To challenge these negative stereotypes, we traveled the country, conducting focus groups in which we asked participants to describe their American values and their vision of the Model American Citizen.

Today, fear is fostered when we view people as different, not like us, and by labeling them as the “other.” “Othering” can cultivate a perceived threat to the American way of life. This fear silences our values of respect, religious liberties, and free speech. When we ask ourselves: How can we change this status quo? How can we reverse the tide of fear, hate, violence and exclusion? We support a thriving, inclusive democracy where people are humanized and narratives that counter toxic rhetoric become the norm.

Meet the Team

Samar Ali

Founding President & CEO

Remziya Suleyman

Chief Operations Officer

Jason K. Dempsey

Chief Strategy Officer

Christopher Ruiz

Digital and Social

Elise Burns

Digital Media Manager

Cameron Foster

Program Coordinator

Daniel Collins

3142 Program Coordinator

Advisors and Interns

Jonathan Metzl, MD, PhD

Senior Policy Advisor

Clint Brewer

Public Relations Strategist

Rick Leach

Senior Strategy Advisor

Aaditi Lele

Programs Intern

Alison Ingalls

Content Development Intern

Cooper Scanlon

Analytics & Reporting Intern

Mariam Nadi

Truth & Reconciliation Intern

Olivia Orr

Projects Intern

Board of Directors

Jessica Johnson

Senior Policy/Fiscal Advisor and Budget Director, Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development

Sabeen Malik

Senior Policy Advisor, Google

Mike Schatzlein

Principle, The Schatzlein Group

Ret. Col. Ken Robbins

Co-Founder, Millie

Advisory Council

Rachel Brown

Founder and Executive Director, Over Zero

Dr. Stacy Davis

Director of Advanced Heart Failure Program, St. Thomas Heart

Fanie DuToit

Senior Fellow, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation

Frank Garrison

Senior Advisor, C-III Capital Partners LLC

Salin Geevarghese

President & CEO, SSG Insight & LLC Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Social Policy

Ryan Harvey

COO, The Ashforth Company

Abdou Kattih


Tyler Krohn

Pediatrician and Entrepreneur

Rania Mallouk

Business Development Director, Lexus and Toyota

Lynne McFarland

Nurse Practitioner (Retired)

Dr. Yaqub Mirza

President and CEO, Sterling Management Group

John Nees


Ashley Quarcoo

Senior Director for Democracy Programs and Pillars, Partnership for American Democracy

Saud Siddique

Executive, Odyssey Capital

Helmut Smith

Martha Rivers Ingram Chair of History, Vanderbilt University

Lori Sostowski

Former Associated General Counsel, Dartmouth College

Michael Tackeff

Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Bass, Berry & Sims

Callie Khouri


Dr. Rachel Thornton

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Todd Tukey

Managing Director for Litigation and Resolution Practice Group, Bass, Berry & Sims

Nizam Uddin

Senior Head of Mosaic and Community Integration, The Prince's Trust

Leigh Walton

Healthcare Lawyer, Bass, Berry & Sims

Dr. Firas Wehbe

Chief Research Informatics Officer, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Vera Zakem

Founder and CEO, Zakem Global Strategies

Yasmine Zaki


Maysoon Zayid

Actress and Advocate

Dr. Adnan Zulfiqar

Associate Professor of Law, Rutgers University

Nadia Abuzaineh

Director Innovate & Simplify, Walmart

Fatima Hassan

Associate, White & Case

Mary Tezak

PhD Student, Georgetown University, former Millions Chief of Staff

Ebie McFarland

Founder/Owner, Essential Broadcast Media, LLC

Rabiah Ahmed

President and CEO, Mirza PR

Yasmine Mukahal

Director, Campus Recruiting, HCA

Aysha Chowdry

“Truth and accountability sustain peace and belonging.”

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