A Year of Solitude and Solidarity

The recent year of solitude and upheaval caused most of us to consider ourselves more deeply and clearly. In so many ways the artifice has been stripped from our comfortable lives, and the histories and cultures that have shaped us individually and collectively have been examined like never before. Our sureties have been challenged, or even upended. Yet, in our isolation we have been reminded again that we are indeed connected with one another.

The lesson of this experience should be that we share more than just our form, location or ideologies. We have learned that our actions matter to others in ways that we did not see. We share our physical beings with one another on this finite planet, breathing the same air, and drinking the same water. We do not have endless resources, and each of us are given an uncertain and ever-ticking amount of time to live. For many, friends, family, colleagues, and governments have been relied upon and valued in new, meaningful ways.

Corps54 is so pleased to work with Millions of Conversations to continue our mission of finding commonalities with others and solutions to our differences. Societies are formed of individuals motivated by multiple inputs and needs, but we all recognize the same ancient Truths, which lie outside any of us, and in all of us, when presented. We have been given the gift of the lesson to love and treasure each other and each moment. When we speak with those with whom we do not share -isms, we are doing the work of fully being present with the humanity of our peers.

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“Let us treat the men and women well; treat them as if they were real; perhaps they are.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, Experience

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